ARCHS, also known as The Allergen Reduction and Child Health Study, was started at Tulane’s School of Public Health to help New Orleans’ children who suffer from asthma have better outcomes. Many things commonly found in our home can cause unwanted asthma complications, even when we do not realize it. These are known as asthma triggers and include things like: dust mites, pets, mold, smoke even cockroaches.

What is ARCHS?

Our team is conducting a 12-month study where we will give participants the knowledge and the tools they need to keep some of these triggers under control.

What can you expect?

Two small children looking at iPad, one receiving asthma treatmentWe are looking for 300 children, ages 5-17 who have asthma. Our goal is to reduce the level of asthma triggers in the child’s home thereby improving their asthma outcomes. We plan to do this at no cost to the participant! Our intervention will consist of 5 home visits over 12 months. Visits include dust control, getting rid of cockroaches, and providing families with education on asthma and techniques for effectively reducing triggers at home.

We will also be calling participants once a month to see how things are going. Participants receive compensation for their time. You could receive up to $310 if you complete all study visits (5 home visits) and monthly phone calls (12 total). In addition, all families receive help controlling their child’s asthma triggers.

Why is this study great for someone with asthma?

In our previous studies, we found that when families are able to control the asthma triggers in their home their children’s asthma improves.

Asthma is a serious lifelong disease, so it is important to us that we help you manage your child’s asthma.